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Euphoria Retreat

What Sophie likes about Euphoria Retreat

For many of us with disabilities, the idea of travelling alone can be daunting, to say the least. But for many reasons, primarily health reasons, I knew that was something I needed to do as I ventured to Euphoria Retreat in Kalamata, Greece for a week’s retreat. I wanted and needed a week by myself and for myself. Thankfully, although Euphoria currently provides little information on access for disabled guests – something we are now working with them to improve – I arrived to find one of the most accessible destinations I have ever been to.

Not only is there step-free access throughout the hotel, restaurant and – most importantly – within their award-winning world-famous Spa, but their staff are also warm and welcoming, doing everything necessary for me to be able to relax and benefit from my time there. So, Euphoria, for me, was a retreat in more ways than one – I was, for one whole week, able to forget the stresses and strains of being a paraplegic manual wheelchair user, and focus on my well-being instead!

The treatments are extraordinary – I tried so many new ones from ‘cupping’ to a ‘sound healing’ – and the facilities were superb; there was even a ramp into the pool (Euphoria is investing in a pool wheelchair) so that I could swim independently. Of course, some of the treatments or workshops were not accessible to someone like me as I am unable to walk, (ie. hiking, some yoga classes, the sauna was up some steps) but most were adaptable and the staff willing to listen when you explain how to accommodate your own needs.

I decided to do a ‘wellbeing detox’ package which included multiple treatments, workshops and a meal plan but you can go and enjoy Euphoria without being on one of their packages and, as it is only three hours flight away, it’s the type of place we can access from the UK for a long weekend, either alone or with a friend or loved one, without the fuss and worry of a long haul flight. The rooms are spacious and step-free – some tweaks are being made to the shower/wet rooms to make them more comfortable and functional for people with physical and sensory impairments – and I admit, I slept better than I have in years!

So often I notice how spaces dedicated to ‘wellbeing’ aren’t accessible for those of us who really could benefit the most, so it’s truly life-changing knowing that Euphoria is out there and that people with disabilities can experience almost all that it has to offer.

Sophie Morgan

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